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UPDATED: Friday Jan. 10th 2014.

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Historical note on the subject of Barack Obama:

Real Change is not about putting a new person in the place, as the leader of the ruling empire. It can give some smaller changes maybe?!
Revolutionary change is more leaning towards seriously considering a turnover of the present power-system (What we in daily speak refer to as Babylon).

Let me remind you that Democracy is not in function at the moment!

In this situation we now look at - of worldwide importance and impact - every 4 years the system lets 5% of the world population, get the chance, to choose between 2 candidates, from - uptil now at least - 2 corporate depend parties, in a usually frauded election.

If a man like Barack Obama can win and enter the position of president of the ruling empire, and that way, help real change towards the fall of this Babylon system - and do it in a just way and positive manner - I can only approve of him.

Surely Obama leaves us much hope - it sounds like a dream having a Black man take over the White house.
The question is of cause, if this man can manage to be idealistic, realistic and pragmatic all the way to Babylon fall - which actually means moving dissolving his own position as president.

People to the power, Obama, please! That is real change...

Give thanks for listening,
Ras Thor Caf I,
Action Taken


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Action Taken: "I and I at the Roots"

Closer to Jah ver. The Congos
titlebonus track. from new Action Taken CD.


"Oferenda" (C) 2008 Ukiemana

Portões da Babilônia (Gates of Babylon)- UKIEMANA

Desmond Tutu about Obama & Gaza, on Democracy Now
to the Babylon Conspire Riddim by Action Taken (video-ver. 14)



"AcT One Records" is a newly opened record company with origin in Action Taken - a World Roots Reggae Band from Denmark.

Due to a high interest in Brazilian Roots and Culture most featured artists and bands are from Brazil, but include Scandinavian, African and Jamaican artists, as well as musicians from all over the world.

All recordings a done on mobile equipment where the artists live, rehearse and play. "AcT." refers to the band Action Taken - "One" calls for unity but is also is short for the term "One Take" refering to the technical philosophy of our Studio process, which is principally done in first takes.

Our musical selection for the myspace page, is at this moment, a selection of Riddims recorded partly in Denmark and partly in Brazil with international musicians.

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